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Dera hadn’t always been a Watcher. At least, she had not always known she was one. Once she had thought herself fully human but that was before the call had come.  It was so long ago now, eons and eons. She had been a Watcher so long she barely remembered that other self, the one who once lived intact in a body. 

Sometimes when she would intervene in those moments of emotional intensity, these times, by their sheer intimacy and intensity would remind her of her human origins. Her cells remembered, just like when she was human, her cells remembered her other nature, leading her back home, back to the stars from which she now watched.  

It was the touch she missed the most; human bodies are such sensual structures…the soft sweet cheek of her baby. O, she had not remembered him for millennia and yet the feeling of his soft downy head against her was vivid. She could smell that distinctive sweet baby smell, that freshness of new being. She could feel the solid warm snuggling of a small body against her, the tug on her breast.

And his father, Dera felt her body prickle with familiar and long forgotten sensations. A hand running down her spine, resting on the curve of her buttock.

“What peculiar sensations I’m having” she shook her wings out, quivering. “These humans are infecting me again! It was so long ago. How can I remember his touch so vividly?”


I have heard your voice

Over water

And swam into cells

Between tears


She thought she heard his voice. Those were his words but it had been eons of time. This could not be happening. She must be ill, some problem with the composition of her cells, the vibration rate must be slipping a little. She had heard that too long in stasis could initiate structural stress.

It was so intense as if she was present in that time, and yet still in this one. The emotions/ They seemed to be opening a space that was filling with moments, exquisite jewels of memory. Dera had forgotten she had ever been someone’s mother, someone’s lover. It had been so long ago. Why had it come now? What could this blurring of forms, this shape shifting mean?

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