More on Jack Hunter: Shadows of the World
 JHSW will be a third-person adventure game built within the Unreal Engine with the hopes to release it on Steam.

The star of the game is our Legendary Hero... the Sky Captain himself.. Jack Hunter!

The game will take place in an alternate reality, where we discover at the beginning of our adventure that an Evil Empire has captured our beloved hero and has won the War to end all Wars. As time passes, the evil Shadow Corporation thrusts the citizens of the world into an eternal Ice Age; where they control the sale of a highly addictive product called Life. However, this war is far from over for our hero, as Jack's friends Ruso and Jarber Bean come to rescue Jack and set into motion events that will restore peace to the world once again.

Additionally, Jack and company will meet many characters throughout their journey in the hopes of forming a rebellion to stand up to the darkness cast out upon the land by the Shadow Corporation and its evil tyrant leader!

(Please note that the information above is subject to change at any time, based on feedback and developmental needs.)