More on logos, shirts, hoodies!
First of all - disaster last night! I pulled my back badly while lifting a not-very-heavy weight! Gutted. It's bad enough that I can't easily sit, lie down, stand, walk or basically anything :) I'm dosed up on Nurofen now and having hot showers, and I am vaguely functioning. Hey ho - these things are sent to try us.

In more positive news, the chap doing my logos has come up trumps. I found not only did he do the logo and mock-up that you saw before, he's also done some other stuff!

OK here's the original logo that I showed you:

So he's also done the logo with text around it:

In a way I like the  clean lines without the text, but on the whole I think I prefer the second one with the text. Apart from anything else people can see what it's about! The album title and my name won't need to be spelt out in a weird conversation etc. :)

So here's some more mockups. I have to say the shapes, sizes and colours of these mockups are NOT correct. They are just stuff that I've thrown together with free templates to give us an idea of what the logo will look like on garments.

Ladies' v-neck shirt mockup:


So today I'm going to design the back of the t-shirts (there's not going to be anything on the back of the hoodies). That should be fun. Sitting down won't be fun though! Wish me luck.

The t-shirts and hoodies are now available at so knock yourselves out!