I would be much obliged if you would ignore the pun in today's title.  My offering for today is web log post #109:  Simple Songs, which considers why such songs are preferred for corporate worship.  I've been pushing the envelope--I drove a four hour round trip to bring a son home last night, and still had work to do when I got in after one, including running out to buy something for dinner (it was certainly too late to cook anything).  I'm hoping that tonight is almost over and I can go to bed, but I did make dinner and there are still dishes to do.


I have another post on music in the pipeline, but I'm not sure about it.  In fact, it strikes me that while I was making dinner I thought of something else that should go into it, or else into the one I just published, I hope it's the one that hasn't been published and that I remember it.  Ah, well.