More on Passion: Painting Believable Flowers
I was always drawn by wildflowers. It seemed that every landscape I wanted to paint had some flowers in it. So I always put them in. But early in my painting journey with pastels I was discouraged by how childish my wildflowers looked. Even my teacher suggested I leaven them out. So I did.....for years. But I finally realized that I just needed to improve how I painted them!

What I realized is that I wasn't really paying attention to the way the flowers REALLY looked. Instead I painted the symbol for the flower that I had in my mind. They typical symbol for any daisy-like flower is a yellow circle with perfectly formed petals around the center. A perfect flower like this is pretty rare. Look at the photo above of the coneflowers. Look how irregular they are. Look at how the petals are irregular and ragged. Look at how they grow.

The secret to painting believable wildflowers is to simple pay attention and really observe the flowers. Turn off the voice in your head that tells you what the flower should look like and paint what you SEE.

Have you worked on the weekly challenge yet? What subjects are you passionate about? Are you happy with the way you paint them? 

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