More Reward and Goal ideas
  • Ad-free browsing without ad-blockers -  Logging-in to Cat Nine it will disable ads and banners! I'll send an email to the email address you used for Patreon; it contains your username, and a link to Cat Nine's login and password change pages (you need to set your password first before you can log-in). And I think you'll be to see notifications for recent comments too.
  • Art and Comic WIP - I posted these for page 135, and I think I'll make it an official reward now. Starter Packs (SP) and above can see the finished lineart. Reader's Choice (RC) can see the flats (colored without shading/highlights), and I'll make updates as I finish each panel. RAWRs can see the HD versions of these. In other words, you'll be a few hours ahead of everyone and see some of the changes I make before I finish the page.
  • Storyboards and sketches - I'll post the storyboard for the latest comic page after I finished making it, perhaps after a day or two. After all, I don't want you to get spoiled by frickin storyboards (unless you want to?). I'll just post the sketches for non-comic art 
  • Early-access/can read buffer comics - Can see a couple of pages in advance; higher-tiers can see more pages, even buffer pages. I was planning to offer this from the start, but I removed it cause I'm still not consistent enough with 3/pages a week (as is the case with page 122-127, they were buffers); for early-access to happen I need at least 4/pages a week. I prefer this instead of making artwork/sketches though if I've built up a good amount of buffers I might do them.
  • Shop discounts - If I ever put up a store, you'll definitely get some discounts while you're a patron.


  • $1000 Magicat Girl Video game? - I've actually added this already if you didn't notice. I really feel that it can be made into a decent game.
  • $??? Audio/Voice overs? - I or somebody else (or both?!) will read the dialogue in the comic, like in this old comic. I could hire some voice actors in Fiverr, or maybe you think it's hilarious if I voiced Myan and everyone else. English is not my native language, haha.

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