More School Talk News
Hi all, hope you're all good :)

Just to keep you up to date on things . . . . . the talk I had scheduled for later this month has been postponed due to the timing clashing with the students work assignments, so it looks like that will be rearranged months later.

However, it looks like I'm going to be speaking at a primary school in London, as a vegan teaching assistant that contacted me has confirmed the headmaster there wants me to come and speak to their year 5 and 6 groups (10/11 year olds). I'm just waiting to hear what date it will be.

There's also a possibility that I could be speaking at a university too after a conversation with a friend who studies there, so we'll see how that unfolds.

As for a Skype this month what are everyone's thoughts? Interested? If so when around the 15th works for everyone?

Thanks again for all of your support.

Peace x

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