More Seats at the Table: a newsletter featuring awesome games by underloved designers
We're so pleased to be able to announce More Seats at the Table - an email newsletter designed to highlight games made by designers and creators who don't fit neatly into the gender binary, femmes, and women. 

More Seats at the Table came about as a result of a conversation between Kira Magrann and Anna Kreider about the problem of games by and about not-cismen being perceived as only for not-cismen - and they decided a good way to address this challenge would be an email newsletter highlighting the work of marginalized designers. To that end, they enlisted the organizational aid of Misha Bushyager of New Agenda Publishing and Kimberley Lam.

But we don't just want this email list to be subscribed to by marginalized designers. Cismen, we'd very much like you to subscribe, and if you find work that excites you - then we hope you'll consider either buying or using your platform to signal boost work by marginalized designers that you find exciting!

If you'd like to subscribe to the email list, please fill out our sign-up here. Our first issue will be sent out this Friday, April 27th!

If you have games you'd like to see us feature, you can submit games you want to highlight here!

And of course, you can support the labor that the organizers of More Seats will be doing in curating and assembling this newsletter by pledging to support our Patreon, if you're so inclined. Our time is valuable, and more importantly - we'll need your support if this thing blows up; Mail Chimp is only free up to 2000 list subscribers.

Of note: while our focus is on promoting folks with marginalized genders, we want to explicitly encourage the submission of games whose authors are from other marginalized communities, such as PoC, queer and disabled creators, in addition to having a marginalized gender.

Lastly, thank you to all of our amazing launch partners

Thank you to all of the excellent designers who have partnered with us to build up hype for this exciting project. We're really looking forward to seeing how this crazy experiment turns out!