More stories from different universes
My first post for $3 or higher patrons was mildly NSFW, based in the universe of my Bright Elves from my alter ego, Leila Bryce Sin. I know that sort of thing isn't for everyone and I said I would try to post other things that weren't NSFW, mildly or otherwise. I'm keeping to that promise.

This coming week I will post a piece of flash fiction that inspired one of the Matilda Kavanagh Novels. It will feel familiar to readers of that series, but you'll be able to see how different some of the characters are from where they started to who they became in the finished stories. And you'll see how the tone of that world changed. I think it changed a lot.

I'm also trying to feel out an idea for a short piece of fiction based in my Ash and Ruin universe. That one might be a bit harder, but I want to have something for everyone. 

So all this is to say there will be different things posted as the weeks and months go on. I hope you enjoy all of it, but if you don't, hopefully there is something in the mix that you love. 

Love and magic spells,


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