More tests with PaintsChainer + Clip Studio Paint

Here's something I quickly drew with Pixiv Sketch:

Let me quickly drop some squiggly color noodles on top of this to illustrate the difference in automatic coloring. 

Pixiv Sketch w\ Paints Chainer

Noob instructions: Draw or import your base sketch. Don't make another layer with color, instead hit that Colorize button and then draw colored lines in the left window. You can also not do that and let it decide on its own, but for the purpose of this test I need my own colors.

Whoops, face looks weird, I guess that light skin tone isn't great, so let's repaint it with white. I also added background hints closer to the character to stop inner colors from bleeding too much into the background. Also, notice purple spots? 

Spots blend very nicely with the background. Anyway, this is very good, except it's too pixelated due to low resolution. I think the best output is something like 512x512 px which is sadly too small.

Clip Studio Paint

I want to try the exact same approach in CSP: lay thin squiggly lines on top of the sketch and see what happens.

Noob instructions: Here I need a sketch layer which I set as a reference layer (Layer -> Layer Settings -> Set as Reference Layer). And then I create another layer with color lines and while it's selected do Edit -> Colorize -> Use hint image and colorize. It will create another layer above your sketch.

It's soft and nice but not saturated enough.

By the way, this Pikachu has turned out way better???

So, unlike Paints Chainer, CSP is way better at this if you fill as much space as possible with color. Don't give it some lame ass thin color noodles, it'll water them down significantly. Better slap that color with a thicc brush all over the canvas.

Anyway, back to the test of the day.

I really like how if given a hint Paints Chainer fills the entire background with color, but I don't like how pixelated the result is due to low resolution.

I really like how smooth and soft everything looks in CSP, but I don't like that it doesn't fill the entire background.

So, I thought, why not let Paints Chainer do the color, and then edit it in CSP.

I colored this sketch a little earlier with different hints, this was PC's output with minor edits:


I then dropped this pic into CSP and used their brand new JPEG noise removal filter. Two or three times.

Here's a before and after. Red lines point at a few examples. You can see how the pic has improved all over the canvas really.

Then I added a few layers with detail and color corrections. Other than the outline of the eyes, I haven't touched or redrawn ANYTHING in the base picture. (I simply copy-pasted the eyes from pixiv sketch canvas. Shh, that still counts as "before CSP".)

Technically I could and should have repainted a few areas and maybe smoothed it out a little bit more but I thought the final result was ok for a sketch.

Here's a side by side progress more or less:

And this is how it be in CSP

Let's leave no stone unturned and see what it takes to have a nice saturated auto colored image in CSP. Basically, you just

That's it for now :>