More than Bull Bologna
Yesterday, I dropped this tweet: "I choose to believe that sacramental things can heal us." It's a firm belief, one rooted in actual-factual-by-God experience. The tweet was inspired by something more than belief, though. It was inspired by the tangible and mystical. A waking vision. 

I was washing dishes at the sink, slogging through the morning routine (make the lunches, hustle the kids, wash the dishes if'n there's a spare lick of time) when I looked through the back window and saw what can only be described as glory. 

And sure, I'll acknowledge it: We're playing in tricky definitions, here. What is glory? What is sacramental? There are some who'd see the sun, the fog, the tree. They'd say this sort of beauty is something less than transcendent or sacramental or a sign of glory. It's simply nature doing was nature does, they'd say. To them, I offer a simple response: bull bologna. 

These days, I've been nursing a profound love and admiration for the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It's response to the naturalists is (perhaps) more efficacious and explanatory than my simple crassity. It states:

"The beauty of creation reflects the infinite beauty of the Creator and ought to inspire the respect and submission of man's intellect and will." (CCC 341)

Creation is a conduit, see. It's the space through which the electricity of Heaven comes to earth. Or maybe it's a window, a pane through which we see the divine. Maybe it's a mirror, reflecting the Creator. Maybe it's simply art. Whatever it is, nature is sacramental--an outward and tangible sign of the divine.

Yesterday morning, I broke my routine, walked from the kitchen sink to the backyard. The dew from the grass soaked through my sandal straps. The Robins scattered, flew into the boughs of the trees. And as I stood in the moment, as I searched for some message in the grooves of light splitting the fog, all the pressure of the morning routine released. I paused, took a breath, threw a thank you to the wind. I turned back to home, to obligation, to the stuff of the hustle. For a moment, though, I was reminded of the beauty and goodness of God. For a moment, I was healed.

It's Friday, the end of the week. Tell me, what have you seen this week that made you pause, that drew the eyes of your eyes to God? What tangible manifestation of grace have you experienced?