More thoughts on Patron Rewards
Before I go on, I have an account on Swaggerdile, which is Tigerdile's version of Patreon.  It's made within/for the anthro art community (from what I can tell) and honestly I'd rather my money go to something like that than Patreon.   Would any of you be interested in switching over to them?  I haven't set it up yet but I feel like the posts there would be more secure the way they're working them.

Anyway, I've bounced the idea of Patron rewards off a few people and here's what I've come up with for possible rewards. Please let me know what you think. I suck at setting this stuff up and any/all input is welcome.

My biggest problem is being able to manage everything I'm offering, which is why I'm starting kinda slow and letting it build up.  Of course the more money I get, the more free time I can dedicate to my Patrons.  That's the weird catch 22 I'm in now.  So a lot of this might depend on tier rewards, but I'll be as transparent about it as possible.

Here's my tentative reward list:

Up to $5 - You get to see the comics early!

$5 Reward - Previous reward. Tutorials. Plus reading the Monthly Character AMA.

$10 Reward - Previous Rewards. Bloopers, Stingers (Additional comic pages), and Exclusive Comic Extras. Monthly Wallpapers! Character Cameo Rotation (When available). Plus you get to ask questions for the Monthly Character AMA.

$20 Reward - Previous Rewards. PDF of past issues. Access to Videos of the comics being made. Monthly Jakkal AMA. Monthly Redline Livestream (I personally help you with your artwork). Get to suggest and vote on Wallpaper ideas, Tutorials and Extras. Discounts on Commissions ($5 off one per month). Bookmarks/Stickers/Art Prints (Only if a certain tier level is reached). PDF of past issues.

$50 Reward - Character Cameo Rotation with dialogue (When available), Discounts on Commissions ($10 off one per month).

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