More video: Tango and Patchwork

The second of my end-of-May-posts! 

What now?

1. Video making! A preview on YOUR LIFE!

We filmed, very spontaneously, a video for YOUR LIFE (TRUTHS) because I always wanted to make a Tango video for it (for those of you who do not know: I used to be a tango singer, and dancer, in one of my former lifes), and my wonderful friend Liliana Velasquez, who is not only one of the hosts of the Full Moon Cabaret but also a renowned Tango dancer (see what she did here: told me, hey, my former partner Diego is coming over for a week to open our exhibition, would you like to make a video? So here we went! Camera: Keren Cherry, who also did Afterlife and No Life on Mars - she is so great with dancers, and bodies. The video will take a few more days to complete but be with you very soon.  

The song, project, and lyrics:

(do you recognise the rooftop from SCIENCE FICTION? I always wanted to reuse that perspective :-D)

The song is very personal. I had to dump all the "forbidden" feelings of being part of a patchwork family at some point. Though I got the best part of it with step kids who love me (and I them) and support my relationship with their dad. I now things can go much, much, much worse. The more wrong it seems to not feel 100% happy. So I wrote this song to give us "second Wifes" a voice.

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