More WIP on Male01 Morphable Costumes
Another glimpse in on some of the work I'm doing on building male01 costumes.

The above models are 5k poly,that's about 460k mesh file size per morph (the lower bodies were made with 2k bodies + clothing parts)

Much nicer, for the hero characters having the extra definition without too much impact; as occluded skin parts (under the clothing) will be deleted.

The bodies above make a better template for putting clothing on.

As to building genitalia, it's probably best to go for accessories rather than built in to the basic body.

It's early days on this 5k poly nude male body as you can see there is a skin tone problem mixing with the head mesh tone and normals are out somewhat.

What do you think? Comment, like or PM me about these developments.

Everyone's suggestions may help in making these developments shine,