The counterpart to the Mal Reynolds from yesterday. I have an absolute phobia about female faces with makeup. I don't wear it myself—haven't for decades—and generally don't enjoy seeing it in real life. Its purpose is both deception and conformity. It hides the real face and tends to make its wearers all look alike.  I first realized this when I took a film history course and was so struck how every era of film could be dated by makeup. All the 'beautiful' women looked alike, and all  the women meant to be 'characters' looked like clowns. Of course, I didn't look like a clown, and neither did my fun friends. My good-looking friends didn't look alike either. But suddenly, I realized, when we all wore makeup we would be clowns and clones in the eyes of future. So I threw it all out.

Women have interesting faces, but women on screen are like cardboard cutouts to me. Hair is fun, though.