Morjax V Rustbelt Blacksmith ► Let's Play Mordheim City of the Damned | PVP Multiplayer
Welcome to round 1 of the Blood Bath Gentlemen of Mordheim Tournament! I'm pitted against the Rustbelt Blacksmith for round 1. This tourney is single elimination, meaning that it's one loss and you're out! It's also rank 0 so that there are no skills or points to assign (i.e. Starting warbands). Enjoy!

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Welcome to some early access action in Mordheim: City of the Damned! This game is being developed by Rogue Factor as a PC port of the cult classic boardgame Mordheim. Mordheim takes place in the fantasy universe of Games Workshop's Warhammer series. This game is currently in early access, but the full release is to include experience, skill injuries and exploration of the City of the Damned! I'll be playing a fair bit of this as it develops, including multiplayer / PVP, tutorials, skirmish showcases, and general gameplay footage.

The city of Mordheim has been hit by a comet and is in ruins, yet warbands from far flung cities to search for the mysterious,toxic and powerfully magic wyrdstone (Known as warpstone to some). These warbands clash in the ruins, and for every grizzled hardened veteran, there are dozens of bodies of the slain, who will never leave the forsaken City of the Damned again.


Morjax Plays You Must Build a Boat [Blind]:

Morjax Plays Starbound Mods:

Morjax Plays From the Depths - Test Lab:

Morjax Plays Thief 4 [Blind | Complete]:

Morjax Plays One Chance [Blind | Complete] :

Morjax Plays To the Moon [Blind | Complete]:

Morjax Plays Mordheim PVP Multiplayer:

Morjax Plays Micron [Blind | 100% Completion]:

Morjax Plays Cthulhu Saves the Word [Blind]:

Morjax Plays How to Survive [Blind | Complete]:

Morjax Plays Mordheim Skirmishes (Early Access):

Morjax Plays Mordheim: City of the Damned:

Morjax Plays Closure [Blind | Complete]:

Morjax Tries Word Realms (makers of KoL):

Morjax Plays Rogue Legacy:


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