Morning Blessings
I am grateful for who God is in my life and for what he's done. Today I bless you with vision that will propel you forward. Remember as you are on the path, not to be jealous of those ahead, for you will one day be there too. Don't be dismissive of those behind you, for you were once there too. In each life good and bad happens, but when you train your vision to see the good, to retain the good and let the bad things slide off, you will become a person of power and strength as opposed to a person of worry and fear. Every blessing god has ever poured out on your life has the power to build you up, even decades later. We must always remember our journeys, how far we have come and the miracles we have seen. We must always be on guard about only seeing what we have not accomplished and in judging ourselves by others progress. This is YOUR race, you put your blinders on and you run it to the end. Remember all the times god has walked with you, sat with you, cried with you, and delivered you and *know* there are more times to come. We can take the leaps of faith and stretch to crazy lengths *because* we have super natural protection around us. Like a loving parent who stands by and watches their child reach for something, celebrates them when they succeed, and picks them up and encourages them when they fall. God is all around you. In every breath you take. In every second of your day. Reach out, take the love and encouragement being offered and as you walk this path, be gracious and grateful and you will see your victory! Namaste & Blessings to all, ~ Samantha