First of the three February ficlets.  OT4 shenanigans.  Is it canon?  IDK.  I just know I'm amused.  xD


Kryn, seated on the wide bench on her balcony, legs folded underneath her and her hands wrapped around a blissfully warm caf cup, shifts slightly when she hears the door behind her open.  Lin, clad in what looks to be a pair of Pierce’s PT shorts and a loose-fitting tank top, takes a seat next to Kryn, cradling a similarly steaming cup of caf, and the women sit in companionable silence, watching the light rain fall on the lush garden two stories below, until Lin chuckles.  “I’m surprised Pierce isn’t up yet. He never sleeps in.”

Kryn screws her face into an expression of disgust.  “That abominably early PT schedule of his!”  She smirks over the top of her caf.   "Though he did get run ragged by three Sith last night. I suppose it’s understandable."

“More like fucked ragged,” Lin chortles.  The two women exchange a long look and burst into laughter, leaning against each other as they draw labored, wheezing breaths.  “And he was worried about you!  Here you are, looking fresh as a sunblossom, and he’s in there still passed out like a felled tree.”

Kryn’s lip trembles. “Well, a very well-endowed tree, at least,” she says, too serious, sending them into another bout of uncontrollable laughter.

“Dare I ask what’s sent you two into such paroxysms of amusement?”  Marr pauses behind the bench, bends to press a kiss to Kryn’s temple, then settles into a nearby chair, caf in hand. “Qilitzarai.  Lord Tsurai.”

“Really.” Lin can’t help how her eyebrow twitches upward.  “A title.  After last night?”

Kryn shakes her head, leaning close to Lin and dropping her voice into a loud whisper. “Lost cause.  Let it go, trust me.”

“Do I respond in kind?” Lin stage-whispers back.

Marr holds up a hand before Kryn can say something undoubtedly sarcastic. “Unnecessary.”

“Very well.”

They pass the time with desultory conversation until Kryn looks at her chrono, then turns to peer through the transparisteel. “It’s late. I mean … someone made sure he wasn’t dead, right?”

“It’s how he’d want to go.” Lin takes a sip of her caf, sits back.  Sits forward again, looking vaguely unsettled, and sets her caf on the table before standing. “But … you know, I’m just going to go check.  Just in case.”