Morning Coffee moving to afternoon tomorrow (6/10/17)
I'm going to push Morning Coffee live stream tomorrow (Saturday) to an afternoon or evening live stream so I can get started early on YouTube videos. I find that doing the stream early in the morning takes a lot of my energy and I end up not making much progress with the YouTube videos so tomorrow I'm going to reverse the order and see how well it works out. If it works good I will change up the schedule for Morning Coffee so 4 days it's in the morning and the other 3 days it's in the afternoon to make sure I can get YouTube the attention it needs since the channel is dying without content.

Sorry if this makes it so some people can't watch the show live but I also hope it opens up the show to a new audience that wouldn't be able to watch live and the VODS will also be available for watching later for the people that can't watch live.

Just want to keep you all updated and thank you for all the support!