Morning Coffee (9/19) back in the Nerd Cave
See you all for Morning Coffee live stream tomorrow at 8:30am PDT (GMT-8) on We're back in the Nerd Cave after a long weekend at Portland, OR OMSI Maker Faire and my voice is a little rough but we'll manage.

Looking forward to telling you guys about some stuff going on moving forward. You always get a first look at what's going on with Morning Coffee long before it becomes a video on YouTube. Thank you to everyone that has supported the show, without you guys I couldn't do this for a living.

I'm working with my wife to try and up my game now that my health is starting to return to something somewhat normal. I want to make 3 videos a week and do the live stream 5 days a week moving forward. We're going to lock down an official schedule soon and I might move the times around so new people can catch the show on some days. Plus it's fun for me to mix things up a bit.