Morning Corniche
Hi all ~ I am finally back in the USA ~ adapting to time changes, doing laundry, & processing my Sharjah Sketchbook to share all my UAE stories & travel art with you.  It was an amazing, mind-expanding trip, & I'm really really glad I was able to do it, AND share it here with you.  While I work on finishing up the sketchbook, I will keep posting some preview pages here...  ~ M
PS. Do you have any questions about this trip, UAE, the book fair, &c.? Let me know, I could work them into the final sketchbook! 

And now:
Some sketchbook pages about walking & drawing along the old Sharjah waterfront!: 

 It's Friday, which is the Muslim sabbath --  
So people seem pretty relaxed (after prayers):   

Sharjah's Al Sharq Corniche runs a little over a mile along a wide creek used as a harbor for fishing boats.  
The fishing boats go out every morning (Fridays included, apparently), & are back by evening -- or maybe by mid-day; I didn't really stake them out to learn the schedule.  

In the background (as seen above) is a large shipping / industrial port.  
There are also several mosques along the waterfront.  
Families use the corniche as a place to walk, relax, & enjoy the shaded hours, morning & night.    

Sketching our previously-featured Mosque Al Magfirah ("The Forgiveness")

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