Morrigan from Darkstalkers
 Morrigan from Darkstalkers fanart digital painting tutorial.  Finally done.  This one takes me a bit over three hours.  
Term 13 video tutorial rewards Patreon Level 4 video tutorial rewards. More rewards are coming for all levels.

►This is a term 13, Level 4 and up◄

(term 13 sign up time is from Feb 1st to Feb 15th, 2017)

My patrons level 4 and up will get
♥ PSD files
♥ HD Video tutorial with voice over
♥ Voice channel chat access via Discord whenever I am doing LIVE stream on Youtube

♥♥♥Thank you so very much for your continuous support♥♥♥. It helps me make meaner, longer, and all around better tutorials. I really appreciate all your help.

Single Video tutorial with commentary available on Gumroad  

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