mortal kombat X
Post your request here for all the help that you need reagrding the MKX mobile version game, it is hard to succed in this days on the game, specially when faced with maxed out Diamond characters and fully maxed Equipment support cards.. Don't let your self behind on the game, we are here to help, by becoming a subscriber on patreon you are entitled to many rewards. Tiers wil be assigned depending on the level of donation and will earn you different types of rewards;

Tier Silver:   $10 monthly donation which will give you 30,000 souls and 3,000 rubies everymonth.

Tier Gold:  $20 which will give you 70,000 souls and 7,000 rubies every month.  

Tier Diamond: $30 The deluxe version,  giving you every new character maxed out along with 100,000 souls as needed, not every month unless requested like that, also new equipment and support cards and 20,000 rubies.