Mortar, Apples and a new Player Stats System for Foods

Changing my personal schedules apparently worked great, as I did actually do useful stuff.

First I made GT Machines/Pipes/Wires etc paintable using the Bath and the Bathing Pot, so you don't require an ic2 painter, a gt spray or some other Mods painting utility in order to paint them.

Then I wanted to test how well it would work if I added different Types of the same Food Item (Grapes were an early example), and I added 3 more types of Apples and also Crops for all 4 Apple Types, made a new Slicer Blade for Quarters and Hollow Quarters, to slice the Apple pieces, and proper Knife Recipes for early usage. And yes I know that Apples grow on Trees and not Bushes, but same goes for Bananas, so tiny Trees work too. Also Apples drop from Oak Trees in vanilla MC, so don't complain! (I had 4 people complain about that already, yes four)

After that I decided to make the Mortar into a Block, and essentially remove the durability based Tool Item. It is still there and some Recipes will still work, but later I will remove it entirely. The Mortar Block will cost Hunger instead of Durability, and it will do the Recipes less efficiently than a Shredder would, in most food related cases. Metals are lossless.

And last but not least I added Stats to Food Items now, like Alcohol, Coffeine, Salt and Sugar content, which end up giving you potion effects if you overconsume certain types of Foods. The Effects can be positive or negative or both at once.

All in all a relatively productive week. So here have the convenient Download Page Link  to mess  around ;)

And thank you all for your Support. ^^

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