Mossy Mask with Snail companion
I have had this mask finished for a while but haven't gotten around to photographing it until now. So today I did, in our garden. (I might be too stressed to go into the actual forest today? :/)

If you have Snapchat you can see a short little film of the mask being photographed in the bushes xD (My Snapchat username is Nymla).
I wish there was an easy and fast way to share stuff like that here on Patreon also hmmm. Hopefully Patreon will implement something like that in the future, that would be cool!

Anyways, the mask is for sale, at Etsy!

Tracking included in the shipping cost.

And FREE shipping for customers outside of EU on this item.

Here is the mask info:

This is a hand made one-of-a-kind mask made of my own paper clay (a kind of papier maché that I make from mainly re-used paper).

The paper clay is very hard and sturdy when dried and the mask has also

been covered in fabric which both gives it a great organic look and feel and also offers extra durability.

The branches are hand-made and the leaves made out of fabric for a natural and organic look. The moss is real moss.

The little snail has been sculpted by me, then molded with silicone and cast with resin (a durable plastic). The snail has then been painted and been given a protective layer of clear varnish (that also makes it look a bit moist), and it has been firmly attached to the mask.

The mask is comfortably worn with an elastic strap in the back, with buttonholes to change the length as needed. The inside of the mask is covered with a soft wool fabric.

Included is two pieces of foam with adhesive on one side that you can place inside the mask and cut into the right shape/size for you.

All the info can be found at Etsy.

Now time for lunch, mmmmmmm!
Thank you, dear patrons, for being you! <3