Most of Obama's EO's were unconstitutional!!!
Episode 906:   President Obama signed some 277 executive orders in his presidency.  Most the EO's signed after the ACA was rammed through congress were unconstitutional because they were legislative in nature.  The executive and judicial branches of the federal governmnet are not authorized under the US Constitution to legislate anything, period!!!

 President Trump on October 12th signed the Obamacare Relief executive order, which contrary to popular belief didn't legislate anything, it canceled an unconstitutional EO of President Obama.  What did President Obama's EO do?  It gave relief to insurance companies in the form of $1 trillion dollars.  You might ask where did the $1 trillion dollars come from?  Not congress, who is the only body under the Constitution that can authorize money to be spent by the federal government.

 President Obama didn't care who won the presidential election of 2016 as long as it wasn't Trump because he knew a President Trump could and would overturn any unconstitutional EO that he signed, which is one of 2 way to get rid of an executive order, the other being congress can vote to overturn a presidential EO!!!

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