The most wonderful week...
I just got back last night from Oaxaca, where I had an amazing time at the newest Simply Smiles children's home. 

Bryan and I went down to run things so that Gaby (you all know Gaby, right? If not...I'll fill you in another time...but basically she's my sister/friend who lived with Bryan and I for 7 years) could take a much needed few days off.

We spent our days working while the kids were at school, and then trying to tire them out when they got back. We took them on a hiking adventure each day where we encouraged running around, yelling, and throwing rocks into fields. Anything we could do to wear them out just a bit.

It became a beautiful evening ritual, and what started out as a way to tire out the little ones, became a chance for the older kids to get some fresh air and stroll along as we watched the younger kids climb rocks and declare that they were the kings and queens of the world.

I've been working on a new project. It is still top secret, but I promise that you, here, will be the first to know. Well, except for the kids. They saw me working on it this week, but I have sworn them to secrecy, so you'll be the second to know. :)

In the meantime, I have some music for you tomorrow...I figured sending it out on a Wednesday would be helpful to get you through the week! 

Now...back to vitamins, soup and tea - kids are cute, but they sure are germ factories...

Love to you all,


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