The Mother of Invention

No, I don't mean Frank Zappa, not that he and his Mothers aren't worth a listen.  But discovering that you don't have what you need when you're at a quilting retreat far from anywhere doesn't mean it can't happen there.

We're sewing in a restaurant.  Long story for another time.  Anyway, it's not like the place is set up for quilting.  We have to bring everything we need.  This means, for me, that what I bring can get out of control.  So I have to exert the highest restraint when I'm packing  

What you see is a project hanging on a portable design wall.  It's a good size for smaller wall hangings, which are what I like to work on at retreats.  It's foam board you can get at any arts/crafts shop, covered with flannel-backed tablecloth material you can get at larger fabric stores.  

But where does it hang?  Nowhere, when you're sewing at a restaurant.  Hence the need for invention.  

Because the restaurant is currently closed for the winter (yeah, I know it's spring but the place isn't open for regular business yet) chairs are stacked.  These stacks provide a perfect height for my portable design wall.  The bottom isn't too low, the top not too high.  Surprisingly, I'm finding I really like this arrangement.

Because of the built-in pincushion.  Plus I can drape fabric I'm auditioning over the seat backs behind the design wall and on the seat itself.

I like it so much I think when I get home I'm going to figure out a similar setup.  

Nothing like not-having to stimulate invention!

(PS - the wall hanging is something I'm working on for my sister.  In the first photo the white fabric over the "stained glass" is standing in for a dove.)

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