Mother's Day
The light summer breeze blew against her red cloak, blowing her hair and cloak backwards behind her as she stood alongside the cliff, eyes only on the stone grave in front of her. 

Everything was silent to Ruby Rose, although she knew if she focused, she would hear the sounds of grimm fighting in the background, further along the forest where she stood. 

But at that moment, all of her attention was on one of the most important people in her life...the one right in front of her. 

“Hi Mom!” Ruby smiled sadly, staring at the grave, voice cracking slightly as a wave of emotion overtook her, just as it always did when she slowed down enough to think about her deceased mother. “I guess you’re probably wondering why I’m here, since it’s a little early in the year. Well you see…”

------- ------ ------

Sitting in the childhood room of her girlfriend, staring at the blank piece of paper in front of her as she sat in the wooden chair at the desk, Weiss Schnee sighed. 

Leaning forward, she clicked her pen open before writing the words “My Dearest Mother” and pausing. 

Letters always came easy to her, so why was this so difficult? 

---- ------ -------

‘I wanna go home to Patch for the weekend,” Ruby stated briefly during their lunch break, arm around her girlfriend as they spent some much-needed quality time together. 

“Why this weekend? We have tests next week,” Weiss scolded, pulling away for a moment, eyes narrowing. It wasn’t like Ruby to skip out on training or schoolwork like that; the red-haired girl had really stepped up in her position as leader over the years. 

“It’s Mother’s Day, Weiss,” Ruby stated, eyes flickering everywhere but at Weiss herself. 

“Oh.” Weiss simply responded, unsure of what to say. “I...I understand. It probably would be good for you, in that case.”

“Yeah!” Ruby smiled, relieved that Weiss understood without having to explain anything. She never went into too many details about Summer, but whenever she was brought up, Weiss always made sure to listen and give her best empathy. “What about you though? I never hear you talk about your mom. Is she know, your dad?” 

“My mother is an alcoholic,” Weiss stated bluntly, making Ruby flinch before sighing. “But...she’s a good woman. I don’t condone her actions, not in the slightest, but before everything, we used to write letters to each other. When she was away...before Father finally got to her.”

Her voice was sad, yet Ruby could tell Weiss was trying her hardest to stay strong. She understood -- though for very different reasons, the topic of mom’s was always tough for Ruby as well, even after so many years. 

“Well…” she began, turning to face Weiss once more. “Why don’t you come to Patch with could even write another letter! I know things aren’t...the best in your family, but I think it’d be good for you.” 

“I think I’d like that Ruby,” 

----- ----- ----

“And that’s why I’m here! I miss you so much mom, but I’m glad I could be here, for your day. One day I’ll have you meet Weiss, and it’ll be so great! She’s so great and nice, and she works so hard, and she does so much for me and still likes me?? I just...really hope you like her, Mom,” Ruby smiled at the grave, tears freely falling from her face. “I miss you, and I love you so much. I promise to try to visit more! And like I said, with Weiss next time! It’s...good to see you.” 

And with the wind still blowing against her, Ruby began her trek home. 

----- ------ ------

“Weiss, I’m home!” Ruby called out as she walked back into her childhood home, running up the stairs to her room, smiling as she saw Weiss finishing up her final words. “You actually wrote to her?”  

“Hmm...oh hello Ruby,” Weiss smiled as Ruby wrapped her arms around her stomach, kissing the top of her head. “’s not much, but I wrote to her. The Mom I grew up with, that tried her best and hadn’t given in to the alcohol. It’s...therapeutic to say the least, though I obviously can’t risk sending it.” 

“I think that’s okay…” Ruby said, holding her close to her. “That might be for the best.”

Guiding Weiss to her bed, the pair laid down, arms still wrapped around each other. 

“...I really miss her Ruby….”

“I know. I think that’s okay too.”

With a deep sigh, Weiss held onto Ruby tighter than ever, knowing that even if neither had the best situations for mother’s day, at least they had each other. And for now, that was enough. 

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