Motivation has RETURNED - upcoming week plans
(Look, I got it right! May, not April, as my previous posts have bizarrely claimed. I fail.)

So, on Friday, I mentioned / whinged about my lack of connection to my paintings. Well, as I said I would, I went with my heart's desire and started a new piece. From Friday night, through Saturday, to the present (3:30 Sunday) I have spent 12+ hours on this one piece, sketching it, roughing it, tracing it, now inking it. 

I'm loving it. It's so peaceful and serene, almost meditation. 

I'm scanning all stages for a big walkthrough. I'm so excited to get going on this one! The colours already are so pleasing and lifting after working on those phoenixes since... January? Maybe even earlier.


This coming week, I shall likely finish/near finish this piece, as well as work on a plush commission. I haven't been openly advertising but she's a good, reliable repeat customer to I couldn't really turn her away. 

I will also Launch my Kickstarter this week, all going well. 

Now, I return to my inking! *manic giggling*