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Motivation to get IFR done!
The coming year is shaping up to be an interesting one...  Jill has been doing a thing called a "4 over 5" meaning she gets 80% of her salary for 5 years, but does not need to go to work for the 5th year...  and 2019 is the start of that 5th year! 

So, our plan is to fit in a bunch of travel (but not constantly as we need to be back enough to maintain Evelyn's school attendance (at a minimum anyway, as we will home school while traveling.  Through all this, I'll be taking Flight Chops international...  It also means I will have more support from Jill while at home to take on something big like finally finishing my instrument rating... AND then possibly building an airplane which I can actually use the instrument rating in!  As many of you know, the story of my failure to stay focused on IFR is a long one...  But a large demotivator has been that I always knew if I got it, I'd be unsafe with in a couple months of my check ride due to not having a good way to keep active.  Having regular access to an IFR equipped airplane would solve that problem, and it would also serve as a great too to get me to different events and training adventures - meaning my "travel" to Flight Chopsie things, would in and of itself become an other out let for more content creation! 

(If the airplane build happens, I'll be doing it with help - so, A) it won't be just me, and B) it might actually get done, and in a reasonable time frame at that :) 

And of course, all of this will be filmed and shared! 

That was kind of a ramble, but I like to use these posts to keep you guys updated :) 

In other news - I got stalled finishing the $5+ supporter mail while finishing this edit last week, but I'll get back to catching up on that this weekend! 

Have a good one and thanks for being a huge part of "Flight Chops"! 


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