Motive, a brainstorm
A page from my diary/journal/sketchbook, regarding budget coaching...

Why do I want this? What will I feel?

I will feel accomplished, happy, joyful, excited, satisfied, fulfilled.

"What is holding me back?" is a fearful question. The real question is, "What is driving me forward?"

I love working with people, listening, asking questions, helping people find their truth.

I want people to have hope in difficult times, not because they believe somebody else will save them, but because they know they can defend themselves.

The truth is, our lives are all intertwined.

What's the connection?

There is a part of me, I know, that wants to believe that I don't need anybody else, that I can do this on my own, that I am "strong." I know, I know this is not really what strength is, just a misconception of the moral superiority of cult of individuality.

But I do need others.

I do need people who will let their friends know they should talk to me. I need people who will try out this budget coaching thing themselves. I need people who will comment and share, let me know what's helpful -- and what's missing.

And we need more people in our communities and friend groups who are not afraid to talk about money, who are brave enough to not just accept a generic definition of succes, but to define it for themselves, and who are not ashamed to pursue their own vision for their lives.

I want to be a part of redirecting that fearful energy, so that we can find peace within ourselves and with each other.

That is what is driving me forward.

Who's with me?

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