Motives Motives are transparent Like concentric rings on a still pond With one emanating intention To the Naked eye seems selfish: Notice me Give to me See my importance. But the compassionate looks deeper See me I have been ignored, abandoned, rejected, defiled Notice me. So I no longer wander alone as an apparition Recognize me SO that I know that I exist Give to me I have been starved to emaciation Robbed of all I hold dear Stripped to the bone, Raped and left crumpled in the dirt Give to me so I can clothe my shame Give to me to so I can bind and balm my wounds Give to me so I can rest on a pile of false pride Until I can endure more of the journey to my true self See me See me so I can feign strength See me to I can shake off the haughty mocking from within See me so I can anchor myself in relationship to you See me so I can wade through the myriad of shame that accompanies me. Yes the compassionate eye looks past the ripples Into the depth of the stillness of the pond. It sees pure intention that is too shy to try Innocence that has lost it's way Truth that has gone mute. Compassion acknowledges these Encourages pure intention Empowers innocence Speaks with truth in the ancient tongue of stillness Heals a heart Heals a land Heals their own self inflicted wounds. Heals all. Jen Ward 7/7/14
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