Motorsport 101, Episode 34: World Champion Punditry
You think Johnny Herbert is still on Fernando's Christmas Card list? In this episode of Motorsport101, focused mostly on SO MUCH OF BAHRAIN:

- Nico Rosberg won, Lewis Hamilton gets torpedo'd by Val Bottas and Vettel blows up on the line. Amazingly, the race was still good.
- Has public opinion already turned on Haas? We talk the cynicism behind Grosjean's 5th place finish.
- We talk Stoffel Vandoorne's awesome points scoring debut, the nature of Alonso being dropped and THAT conversation with Johnny Herbert.
- We break down some of Bahrain's TV ratings and early thoughts on C4's coverage so far.
- We talk Hamilton getting caught with a shisha pipe, and ask if he's getting a bad rap from the media.
- We also talk about the 2nd coming of Elimination Qualifying as well as the GPDA's more shady behaviour. Politics are fun guize.

Also, we talk IndyCar's Phoenix GP, and why it didn't really work on paper despite the race being relatively entertaining, as well as the new blood feud between Graham Rahal and Max Chilton, and why we think Rahal was a tad hypocritical, despite it not being his fault.

Hope you enjoy the show, and we'll catch up with MotoGP and Formula E on next week's episode!

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