A Motown Version of "Shake It Off"
Hey all! You may remember Von Smith from our cover of "Rude"- he's a vocalist with an absolutely incredible vocal range, and he's going to be joining our tour on all of our East Coast dates! To celebrate this fact, we recorded a Motown-styled version of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," which was the number 1 song in America a couple weeks back. We went back to Wava Studios for this one, since we had so many musicians on this video (possibly the most on a PMJ video yet!). We added in an all star horn section led by Mike Cottone, and backup vocals by Ashley Stroud and Katherine Washington. Tambourine Guy (a.k.a. Tim Kubart) was on the East Coast doing his television gig as a host on the Sprout Network, but Alex MacDonald jumped in as a decidedly more calm "Not Tambourine Guy." Our tour leaves in two weeks, and we're both nervous and excited! We'll be playing our biggest venues yet this time around, so that's going to be really new for us. We are really excited to make our way West, though- we can't wait to meet a whole bunch of you! Thanks always for your continued support of this project! As always, I've attached the mp3 and .wav of this song, and, as a few of you requested, I've also attached our version of "Break Free," featuring the incredible Morgan James. See you next week! Scott
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