Mountain Dulcimer Tablature: "Jamaica Farewell"
Another selection from the 2014 Manatee Orchestra that was part of the 2nd Annual Florida Gulf Coast Dulcimer Retreat. As you can see, we were really going with a nautical theme that year! These public posts are part of this week's Patreon open house so you can get an idea of the kind of uploads available to the patron-only stream. If you look up and down this page, you'll see many patron-only items which will be unlocked once you become a patron. These items include: • Immediate access to my patrons-only stream filled with music, video and audio • "Milestones: A Patreon Tablature Collection" 86 pages of music on PDF • The entire "Mountain Dulcimer In The Band" book and audio series on PDF and MP3 • My entire CD collection plus bonus collection of 50 rare and unreleased songs on MP3 • My new album "All Songs Lead To The Gift Shop" on MP3 • My newer album "Unresolved Blues" on MP3 Pledge $1 or more today to get access to all of this, plus HD episodes of "Dulcimerica" and all of the tracks from my upcoming albums including "Sweet River", "Dulcimerica: Volume Three" and the "Untitled Bing Futch Project"!
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