The Mountain Pass

Yay! Our very first post :) 

"The Mountain Pass" [30x30]  has 1 map variants (plus grid, no-grid, JPG, PNG and PDF versions, ready for Roll20, Foundry or your favourite VTT platform).

"The Mountain Pass" could be the perfect place where your party fights epic battle or, it could just be a nice backdrop for a fireside chat.


Mountain trails can be dangerous - falling rocks, bandits, or narrow passages, but sometimes travelers still want to choose this path. Hiking with the rush of adrenaline must be exciting!

Of course, crucial points of traveling in the mountains are bridges. Some of them were made of wood and potty ropes by adventurers too stubborn to look for easier passage, others made by authorities or people living nearby, who tried to make their lives easier.

This crossroad connects some smaller paths with the main road leading to civilization, so it can be a great point to start your travel through the mountains! Or maybe someone is waiting for your party at the end of the road? On the one hand, they can meet old friends, on the other hand - new enemies.

Imagination is your friend - cobblestone on the top of the map can be an entrance to the temple for people looking for redemption or bandit hideout far in the hills? Caverns are deep and full of secrets, don’t be scared and put your favorite monsters and NPCs right there!

You can meet a group of kobolds, hippogriffs and mountain giants. Rumors say something about a red dragon sleeping on the tallest mountain... 

We call this map „The Mountain Pass”. It is a large map (30×30) and could be a perfect place where your party fights an epic battle or, it could just be a nice backdrop for a fireside chat.

In the ZIP file below you will find three versions of this map: gridded, gridless and outline.

Please enjoy, and please share your encounter ideas in the comments!

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