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Feast for the Eyes Pack!

Access higher resolution, creative commons licensed versions of the artwork produced for StIT, including original raw files produced in the free and open source program Krita! Great for anyone interested in my artistic process for article illustrations.
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Podcast Tier!

I write my articles by speaking them first, and then I edit the audio files into podcast versions of my articles. This tier gives access to:
  • The Storming the Ivory Tower Podcast, a looser, more stream of consciousness take on my articles, often including material not in the final pieces
  • Patron-exclusive installments of my periodic Let's Read Theory recordings, where I translate Theory texts into more accessible terms and explain their value
  • Video posts, such as Let's Play footage
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Big Fat Essay Collection Pack!

I periodically gather together my articles into revised and updated ebooks, paired with new, exclusive material. At this tier you underwrite the production of these books, and get access to my full Ebook library. This includes:
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Bonded Servitude Pack!

Want me to write about a specific thing that I haven't written about yet? Well this is the tier for you! For your patronage, I will, once per year, watch, read, listen to, or play* something of your choice and share my thoughts on what's interesting, what works, and what doesn't. 

*Within reason--buying an entire new game system is probably out of my budget, for example, unless like... a LOT of people sign up for this.
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Meme Pack!

For 8000 a month I will stop
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