Wednesday, November 22, 2017:

The pessimistic Capricorn Moon forms a challenging connection with destructive Pluto. Watch any tendencies to engage in coercive power dynamics with others. With the Moon in Capricorn the way to transform any dark edges of your heart is through disciplined responsibility and integrity.

Today, at 9:20 AM EST, Neptune stations to turn direct at 11° Pisces. Neptune has been moving retrograde since mid-June, and has been asking you to reevaluate an important dream, artistic venture, or spiritual path.

Consider a significant dream in your heart that has been on hold since that time. Over the coming days, this dream will come back to life and begin pushing forward.

For clues to what area of your life is being activated in this way, consider where Pisces falls in your chart. If you don't know, allow your intuition to guide you. 

Simply contemplate a dream you set aside in June that is now ready to move forward. Begin the process!

Image credit: Child with Orange by Vincent van Gogh via WikiCommons