A Move For Words
Hi all,

After several months of very little movement on the overall pledge tally on this Patreon, I've concluded that the two remaining goals we had weren't motivating much in the way of new pledges, etc, so I've dropped them. (They were, at $4500, additional ebook formats; at $8500, funds enough to get the Worlds regularly into print. For the former, there's just not enough of an audience; for the latter, an "event-based crowdfund" like Kickstarter might be more appropriate to produce print compilations, so we're looking into that.)

As I've been crunching the numbers on our Fate Worlds, the cost of a word — the writing, the editing, the art direction and art it triggers due to resulting page count — comes to around 30 cents (it'd be higher if I charged the project/company for the layout I do, but I don't). At ~$4k of funding, we're getting enough to cover our 15,000 word gap. (We're a little shy of that, really, but we tend to make up the difference in pay-what-you-want payments upon release afterwards.) 

With this as a guideline, I've added three new stretch goals to the project, at $5500, $7000, and $8500, each representing an increase in our wordcount cap by 5000 words. If we can make it all the way to $8500, we'll be able to double-size our future Worlds. The other goals shy of that get part of the way there. 

It's my hope that these new stretches are more in the pocket of what we've seen as broadly appealing to folks who are fans of this campaign and its output: more details about the worlds! more system components! more gorgeous art!

If we do fund these goals it'll take some time for our output to rise to match the new targets. We've got a bunch of things already in the pipeline, already past writing and into editorial — but we'll raise output as soon as we can once we see that a goal is hit. In shorter-term timeframes we may be able to use those funds towards other patreon-supporting purposes (heavier use of art, etc), if needed.

But, I think this is a good realignment of the focus of the campaign. Time and again our writers and artists have proven that they're able to tantalize and satisfy with what they can create. So let's orient on giving them even more to create!

We'll only get there if we can successfully bring in more patrons. You all are already giving so much, and we really appreciate that! So, if you've got some time and some friends to tell on social media & elsewhere, please let them know that their support can bring us bigger, brighter words (and worlds) for Fate. Thank you again!