I've left Brighton n moved to Wales. I'll be spending the next 3 months in the town of Brynmawr, on the east of the Brecon Becons. 

I visited here in January to do a retreat at Palpung Changchub Dargyeling Buddhist Centre. I dont wanna set any big goals or plans for my time here, I'm just gonna live simple and continue my Buddhist practice & my creative practice. I'm volunteering, helping however I can to do up the centre before the visit of Mingyur Rinpoche.

In my native land waves of attachment to friends and kin surge,
hatred for enemies rages like fire,
the darkness of stupidity, not caring what to adopt or avoid thickens;
to abandon ones homeland is the practice of a Bodhisattva.

When unfavorable places are abandoned, disturbing emotions gradually fade;
when there are no distractions,  positive activites naturally increase,
as awareness becomes clearer, confidence in the Dharma grows;
To rely on solitude is the practice of a Bodhisattva.
~from 'The 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva', by Thogme Tsangpo ~

I'm going thru a little bit of a  reassessing of my painting. Something caught my ear on the radio, about how there are 'warehouses the size of 12 football pitches' stacked full of art works, kept locked away; canvases bought up by money men and stored, waiting for the artists to 'make it' and the money-men's ticket to come in.

This sorta thing shocks me. I'm saddened to think of fresh-to-the-world students having their work bought up at 3rd year exhibitions, fingers locked in hopefulness and mothers and fathers smiling giddily, only for it to be shelved like this.

I struggle to not feel averse to this, that i'd rather instead follow the trail of Blake, and do my thing, create, keep my integrety about it, than get entangled in this ladder thats toils upon the conveyor belt of our modern-money-money-money times.

So for now I'll live simple, i'll do my thing.

I gotta confess to I've had a little reassesing of my work itself also.

I consider myself a good painter, but I think the works themselves generally lack a special quality. But there is an ability there, and so i'll tinker on.

Creativity is a natural impulse of all of life; to bend what is around us towards an ends of our own. Whether that be the vine winding itself in pure-embarking-intent around the washing line, or the mother arranging cereal boxes in pleasant order before her children wake and rush for breakfast.

So i'm a little stepped-back, a little doused of the burning intent I felt just a year ago. A part of me is ashamed to admit this. But the truth  is, that part of me was pinned upon this 'burning intent' as one of my distinctive features, one of my selling points; in other words its only the ego that is ashamed, for without this 'distinctive feature' it feels the product of me is lost.

So I'll keep simple and keep up my practice and just see gently gently what comes.

  • I'm keen to explore the links between the Dharma & creativity. 
  • I'm passionate to express how creativity is a valuable tool in everyman's life
  • My faith is grounded in the simple truth all artists know; that if we wish to see an artist who has 'made it', look towards the artist who is 'making it'. It is in the moment of creating; we are humanbeings, not humandonewith's

I think all too often the habit of the human mind is to look for end's; i'll be a real artist when this and this happens, I'll be so happy if only I owned this object, or had this.

But again, were human beings. That implies a movement, not a solidity or a 'said and done'. So we must look at the means, not the ends.

It is like with love; love is not something we possess, something we gain and then it stays just as it is, but an activity. I hope this makes sense and is not lost in tangled-language.

So anywho theres a snapshot of where im at, physically (Wales) and mentally ('one-step-back..', inquisitve and a little unsure).