Movement in the workplace?! Yes - more, please.
Yesterday, a wonderful collaborator, Leslie Zucker, and I co-presented a professional development workshop for a group of life coaches. We used their coaching vocabulary and goals for their practice combined with movement language and excercises to provide new tools to incorporate into their work with clients. It was fascinating and exhillerating. We hope to find many connections with businesses to bring movement into the corporate environment. Your commitment to my life as a creator supports this discovery. I am building a new business based on casual human contact; I'm driven to inject movement into the workplace as a humanizing force! I can't wait to bring what I learn and observe to life on the stage. Thank you for supporting this work! Check out our one-pager. Can we work with your business? Is there a burning issue in your organization that needs an innovative approach? 240.475.7570 or [email protected]
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