Movie nights!! New reward <3
As a thank you for helping em get to my next tier, I will be having a Disney movie night EVERY month at the end of the month at 5PM CST.

I apologize for how short notice this Moana one was, it was a last minute thing. BUT from now on there will be a movie night at the end of EVERY MONTH! ~ <3 For all Patrons.

Next movie will be Lilo and Stitch and it will be on the 28th! ~ <3
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
$1 or more per month 30 patrons
Thank you so much for supporting me! I am sorry it seems like nothing but it truly means so much to me that you'd even give anything at all, thank you. As a thanks you get access to my Patreon exclusive feed! What's on it you ask?

- Work in progress photos of the projects I am...well working on at the moment!
- Access to any and all of my photo shoots way before it hits the public!
$5 or more per month 140 patrons
Hello to all the Shadows! This tier is what my patreon is all about, teaching you new things! With this tier you get...
  • All previous tier content
  • Access to my Discord chat
  • Access to Cosplay tutorial videos
  • Access to Cosplay tutorial photos
  • Movie nights! Every night at the end of the month at 7pm CST we all watch a Disney movie together!
Includes Discord rewards
$10 or more per month 5 patrons
Behold power of the dusks!
  • Access to all previous tier rewards
  • Polls on what tutorial/cosplay to do next!
  • FULL hi-res photos of my cosplays you'd like, sent to your email for your various usage!

Includes Discord rewards
$20 or more per month 4 of 30 patrons
One of the many heroes of light! Thank you for for joining our ranks!

• This tier you will receive a personalized mini print of one of my cosplays! <3

• As with the others, this tiers rewards includes all the previous ones as well!!

** International patrons will get their rewards every three months to save on shipping <3 

Includes Discord rewards
$30 or more per month 6 of 40 patrons
Why be one of light when you can be one with daRKNESS??

This tier is a more personal one!

• You get access to a my Game IDs, play some games or!

• On top of the print you received before you will also receive a full 8x11 print each month!

• This includes all previous rewards as well!  

•  You will receive a 15% discount on my print store!

 **  International patrons will get their rewards every three months to save on shipping <3

Includes Discord rewards
$50 or more per month 1 of 5 patrons
May your heart be your guiding key...

Hello my Wayfinders! This tier is for those who want hands on things that I have made for my cosplays! Resin casts of whatever I have molded and made that month! (Example: Vincent Valentines strap ends, Pirate Soras belt buckle, etc.)

You will of course receive all previous awards as well!

**  International patrons will get their rewards every three months to save on shipping <3 
$100 or more per month 3 of 5 patrons
Hello my faithful apprentice! This tier is something special...

You will have me as your personal teacher for your next cosplay project! I will be there whenever you need me to assist you on ONE of your future cosplays PER MONTH.

Giving you assistance on how to create parts of the cosplay, where to get patterns that will work for it, how to style the exact wig needed for your cosplay and basically anywhere I can help you I will do my best to help. I am your personal teacher!

**You must be a a veteran of this tier for atleast a month before I will begin instructing you!

Maybe you're not a cosplayer? Well if you still wish to pledge this high, instead of the apprentice-ship, after four months of you pledging I will cosplay whatever character you'd like (simple-esque suggestions please lol)! YOU GET TO PICK! The power is in your hands. You will also get to choose what kind of photoshoot I will do with said cosplay!

Those two don't interest you? Maybe you want a custom shoot with a cosplay I have made? A personalized photoshoot in the way you want it! Semi-lewds are okay as well if that is what you like lol.

  • Access to all previous rewards of COURSE!

Includes Discord rewards
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