MOVIES: Rich Hill - Documentary - Inspiration
Hey, everyone! One of you lovely Patrons mentioned you'd like to know what kinds of things I'm watching, reading, etc. and how they inspire. So, I thought I'd get that going here. Started this documentary last night, RICH HILL. It follows some kids growing up in a tiny rural town in poverty and bad home conditions. Right off I saw major similarities to my childhood, which my book "LAST DAYS WITH GRANMA" is based on. It got me thinking and remembering a lot of stuff. If you want to see what it was like for me, check out RICH HILL. I'll be finishing it tonight if anyone wants to watch with me. On Netflix instant. We can chat about it here. What have YOU been watching? Any recommendations? I'm also reading the original novel of THE NEVER-ENDING STORY to my 5 year old son for bedtime each night. It's my first time reading it so I'll wait until we're done to discuss that more. We've also been hit hard by a tomach bug here. My wife and all 3 of our sons (even baby) got it bad. So far I'm okay. Anyone else dealing with that. Have a wonderful day, everyone!
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