Good day, fellow patrons! We’ve worked on this series for ~300 days already, and I’m glad to say we’ve been holding up well, though it is quite a challenge on some days. We've successfully changed the release rate from barely 10 a month to one a day. But do you know what else we can do? Making it 2 a day, and that's where you, the readers, come into play. Today, we’re announcing new plans for this novel, introducing new tiers and dropping the prices for higher release rates.

8 per week: $4,000 (same)

9 per week: $5,000 (from 5250)

10 per week: $6,000 (from 6500)

(new) 11 per week: $7,000

(new) 12 per week: $8,000

TBA: 13 and 14 per week.

To make these goals easier to hit, we have 3 new tiers, with the highest at $300. Give us your money!