Moving Forward
Hello Patreons!

Thank you so much for your support! I hope I can continue to live up to your expectations and support.

Please pardon me as I try to figure out the best ways to reward you moving forward. This is my first time trying Patreon and I am one of very few developers that are attempting such a support system. This makes it hard to figure out well-balanced rewards. Its very possible some of the reward tiers will shift around a bit in the beginning to be more fair. I'm very open to suggestions on changes or additional reward tiers that I can add. Please let me know.

Also I am considering giving out additional rewards to those who have donated for longer periods of time. I would love to make each tier more rewarding in itself, but then I run the risk of having to fulfill big rewards for people who jump on near the end of the development process. For example, creating a specific implementation for an SCP is alot of work and therefore I need to make sure that I don't overload myself with too many requests. That being said, I would love to reward even the $1 tier with an SCP of their choice if they have donated for a while.

One other note on SCPs. I can't do SCP-173 for copyright reasons. It will have to be added by modders after the completion of the game. Also there may be other SCPs that just won't fit in the game. I don't have a specific example, but in the wide range of creative work stored on the wiki it is possible there are SCPs whose abilities go well beyond the scope of this game. I'll do my best, but some may not be possible. I'll be contacting those in the appropriate tier to determine if their SCP will work. I don't think there will be any problems but its always good to be open about possible problems.

I hope that made sense. Feel free to bombard me with questions and suggestions. I really want to make sure that I have a rewarding Patreon experience for everyone.


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