Moving On
A strange thing happened recently.  Feeling out of sorts from a miscalculated error that I had foolishly participated in, I held my hand up for full responsibility of the blunder.  Despite the fact, I apologized for the incident, it continued to play on my mind.  I ran through the events over and over.  In effect, kicking myself continually for such idiotic behaviour.

While I went about my day, doing routine things there was no thoughts whatsoever about the vibrations I was emitting.  The day ended in an argument with a stranger.

Hostility abounded for no apparent reason.  While the unknown person continued their tirade, my response was not to retaliate.  Usually, this sort of encounter would have played on my mind as much as the earlier experience.  Yet, realizing the person's actions and behaviour had everything to do with them and nothing to do with me allowed for a calming effect.

It did give me pause to reflect upon whether my earlier conduct had participated these negative vibes outwardly, inviting in the dissenting episode.  Yet, despite the fact, I may have been reverberating on a objectionable level, I was unprepared to pass on such antagonism.  Unlike this other person.

I, also, came to the conclusion that to keep going over the slip-up I had made, was not very productive.  It happened.  I apologized.  Time to let go.  Next time I will not be so quick to take the cheap and easy way to an end.  Using my brain for a better, more thoughtful result will be my future.

Lesson learned.  Move on.  I only hope the other person found such solace.