I'm moving out of my apartment and into a house at the end of Febuary!! Any Pledges during the month of January and Febuary will be met with extreme extra gratitude as well as extra content! ^^ 

The ideal house I'm trying to get into is going to require a deposit of $1400 (split between roomates, but I want to be safe unless if anything happens). Anything helps, even sharing the post. 

If you'd like to donate to my moving fund I also accept payment through the Square Cash App (  cash.me/app/SMHVKMH  ) and a few other ways.

I'm working on a lot more art so extra goodies are going to be in that form, likely customizable. 

Also for the 18+ crowd, follow my twitter for my cam show content and nsfw deals going on. @Prince0hearts

I'm super excited to be kicking off things on Patreon! Thank You for doing it with me <3