This morning I awoke early--I had intended to go back to bed, but when I got out of the bathroom the dog was antsy, and before I got settled again my wife called to say that she was coming home and wanted breakfast, so I got dressed and started the day.  As it happens, I usually check alerts on my cell phone (they're never serious), and the program that sorts these for me throws ads and articles at me, one of which was about--well, something that raised a few small hackles and got me thinking about writing web log post #166:  A Ghetto of Our Own, which talks about Christian music for quite a while in setting up an example that ultimately gets to the point about racism and discrimination.  I drafted it while waiting for her to get home, polished and published it this afternoon, and am hoping that there isn't some glaring error in it that I overlooked.

Meanwhile, I almost forgot that last night I completed the first character paper for Lauren's  biggest supporting character, Bethany of Wandborough, after Old Verses New--of course, the second novel being her first character paper and the first novel her second, which you already understand if you've been reading the books.  That's now posted in the support section, and I'll continue working on the second installment for her.

I'm also finishing out the week on story posts with For Better or Verse; Chapter 26, Brown 64, in which we are moving rapidly forward through Derek's childhood developmental phases (intriguing, because they did not seem to move so quickly when we were living through them, but looking back they went much faster than this) and is facing a milestone he did not have to reach in his first life.