Moving to GameWisp!
Hi team,

Thanks so much for the amazing support the past month(s) I really appreciate all of you! I do have a favor to ask for those of you who wish to continue subscribing to me monthly. While I have enjoyed using Patreon I have decided to move onto setting up my services through another website called GameWisp. It offers API and Twitch integration with a gaming focus that offers me as a streamer much more utilization and interaction for the stream real time.

I'm asking everyone on here to please cancel your subscription (click "edit pledge" and then delete pledge) and sign up at my new profile located at: whenever is convenient for you to do so. Keep in mind Patreon always charges on the 1st so leave it active only if you wish to be charged next week. The new GameWisp system charges you immediately just like Twitch subscriptions so that is an important difference.

No rush to do it right away if you want to let the current month end first. I recommend doing it when I am live on stream so you can see the neat new alerts that are set up :) Thanks for doing all that you do!

<3 Bre

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